About the project

Life goes by quite different in a socialistic Caribbean island as in a European country. It is however not so easy to talk totally objective about the differences. That’s why I decided to document my personal perceptions as a person who had never lived before in a capitalist society.
The book is written in German and English and for German readers, with the intention of offering them another – and curious – point of view on their reality.
I made a selection of texts taken out from several books, newspapers and magazines, which I present along side my own texts, anecdotes and photos. The book also contains different collections of German daily life objects that for several reasons I found fascinating. This way come chapters into being such as »Packages« where I show part of my shopping bags collection, explain how I came to have them and present a publication of the German government about the containment of the use of ecologically harmful plastic bags.
The layout was – and is – a huge question mark: how does a book look like which presents your own opinion, thoughts and feelings and makes them understandable for people from another culture different than your own one?
After trying pretty much everything – from illustrations to selfies, surveys, collages, etc –, I decided to make it as honest as possible. For example: I had a quite chaotic list of »what Germany means for me«. I printed it, cut it and pinned it on the wall to organize it. The resulting sets of themes became the index of the book. To each theme I made then some brainstorming charts which became at the end the chapter markers.
This book is not perfect, it is subjective. It is also not finished written or designed. The images here are from a dummy. I still collect objects and write notes and anecdotes for it. Maybe some day in the future I will publish it. Right now I find it inspiring and relaxing as a personal project.

Professor: Anna Berkenbusch