About the project

During the time I worked at the publishing house Artecubano Ediciones I designed the special issues of the newspaper Noticias de Artecubano (News from Artecubano). Samples of these are the devoted to: the closure of the Tenth Biennial of Havana, the Art Collection of the CNAP, the death of Juan Almeida Bosque, the Collateral Program of the Eleventh Biennial of Havana, among others. Sometimes I collaborated with the design and layout of the regular numbers, examples: September, October, November 2008, among others.
Even though the image of the newspaper is rather casual and open, the work has many technical constraints determined mainly by the old technologies at the printer’s. This also affects often the quality of the outcome. For these pictures I took the best exemplar I found in the whole pile. Nevertheless the ink is not even, both colors do not coincide and the folding is not correct.
The regular format is 29,7 × 38,5 cm. Nevertheless, due to the possibility of printing in a »better« place, the issue devoted to the Collection of the CNAP was printed in full color on A3 format.

Publishing House: Artecubano Ediciones